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How do I start using Peig Access Platform?

You need to download the Peig App first. Peig is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and macOS platforms. The app will then walk you through steps to successfully access your workspace (according to your company procedure).

What is a “workspace”?

Workspace is your online space from where you access your work apps.

Can I have Peig on more than one device?

Yes, you can have Peig installed on as many devices as you wish and access a full-fledged Peig workspace from any of them.

What if I lose a device with Peig on it?

No worries. If you previously synced another device(s), you are safe. You can simply deactivate Peig on the lost/stolen device from the synced device to ensure no one accesses your workspace. This remote deactivation is entirely self-service, so you are spared from exhausting help-desk calls. You can still access your workspace from your synced device.

What is PersonalCode?

PersonalCode is second-factor protection intended primarily for federal public services, where two-step verification is required by law. For other services, PersonalCode is deactivated by default. PersonalCode can be enabled in the form of digits/pictures or biometrics.

What is a Guest mode?

Guest mode allows you to turn Peig off in case someone else needs to temporarily use your device. This way, you ensure they don't access your workspace as yourself.