Our no-code tool offers accounting firms unparalleled protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Bullet-proof security meets a truly frictionless workspace experience.

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Passwords are gone for good! And so are OTPs and any other additional authenticators.

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Phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats don’t ever stand a chance.

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Peig has got you covered whether you are
an admin, manager, or user.

Passwordless login that won't leave you hanging

Passwords, 2nd factor add-ons, or VPNs, are often in the way of work. Either we forget them, or they glitch at the worst possible times. With Peig passwordless tech we made sure great access security is no longer a productivity killer.

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Access management that goes where your teams are

  • Manage who can access what
  • Enable & restrict access
  • Block devices when needed

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