Full-stack access management

Workspace Access

Accelerate enterprise security with Peig, the access platform that takes care of everything.


Align the business, security
and user objectives



Enable a smooth workspace experience without friction and hiccups from anywhere and any device.

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Govern employee resource access with a single click, boost productivity and reduce costs.

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True Zero Trust


Unify the workspace into a single access management platform that achieves operational simplicity and Zero Trust security.

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Life cycle management

Cover the entire life cycle of access management

Manage every piece of the process smarter, not harder.

Make no room for idle time
Give new employees instant access to all required work apps, so they are ready to work from Day 1.
Onboard in minutes, even remotely
Enjoy maximum flexibility with biometric tech that onboards new employees fast and literally from anywhere.
Minimize management overhead
Your managers already have a lot on their plate. Save their time with fast and easy workforce access provisioning.
Strengthen your workspace security
Protect your entire workspace with patented security that eliminates human error from every part of the life cycle.
  • Manage access in your entire workspace from a single place
  • Granular but simple access control for the entire workspace
  • Access manager that is easy to use for everyone
  • Situations sensitive workflows and security policies

Thanks to our unique approach to device-bound verified identity, users can self-sufficiently:

  • Recover from critical situations such as lost or stolen device
  • Securely transfer access from their current to a new work device

All this is possible without any help desk, or IT support involvement and with the highest security requirements met.

  • Make sure no work tool account stays accessible after the employee leaves the company.
  • Peig Access Platform lets you offboard employees from ALL their accounts with ONE click.
Employee Experience

Employee workspace experience

Your employees can now securely access any of their work apps from a unified workspace with unprecedented ease.

  • Seamless resource access from any device
  • No passwords, OTPs or additional authentication devices
  • Workspace that provides a familiar browser experience
  • Smooth in any scenario - from remote onboarding, daily use to account recovery situations

Make your business thrive

Enable fully remote work with efficient access management that meets bullet-proof security.

  • Control access in a super-easy access manager interface
  • Save time when adding access rights and setting access control
  • Boost productivity - authentication distraction is no longer a thing
  • Onboard remotely and offboard in one click
  • Save admin costs with self-service account recovery

True Zero Trust security

Implement access management in Zero Trust as a service or private cloud

  • Ensure unparalleled security of resource access and authentication from any device
  • Achieve operational efficiency when deploying, configuring and modifying with Peig Access Platform
  • Granular but super-easy access control for the entire workspace
  • Control access in any web application, either built on standards or niche
  • Integrate situations sensitive workflows and security policies