Message from our CEO

Building things right

David Rihak, CEO

“When building products, it’s usually important to find tiny features that can bring immediate value to customers. For most products making minor changes is the way to gradually improve customer journeys, user experiences and the total value products can provide to customers. 

Sometimes the total is only as big as the sum of its parts.

Unfortunately, in cybersecurity, we are left with an enormous debt. There are fundamental flaws in the building blocks most of our online services rely on. Fundamental flaws require fundamental innovation.

This is why at Peig, we decided to root out the problem at its core with mature technologies that are appropriate for the next era of internet security. Our technologies were not necessarily built the quickest, but we are damn sure they are the right adversaries for the hackers of tomorrow.”

Chief executive officer

David Rihak, CEO

As the CEO and co-founder at Peig, David helps organizations get rid of passwords and up their cyber game with passwordless access security. Before this, David was a Digital Identity Director at ADUCID, where he co-designed citizen-centric identity solutions and helped develop federal and private partnerships.

As a frequent speaker at security conferences, David is a vivid promoter of human-centric security architectures that leave passwords in the dust.

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